Wildfire Claims

Helping Californians Recover From Wildfires Losses

The Singleton Firm and Mitchell at Law collaboration

Many people who have lost their loved ones, homes and businesses due to the wildfires are coming to a staggering realization. They assumed their insurance policies covered them for their losses – but just the opposite is true. Most older policies don’t come close to providing the coverage needed in order to pick up the tragic pieces.

The nationally-recognized attorneys with Singleton Law Firm, Mitchell at Law, are teaming up to help those affected by these tragic wildfires. Each of these firms has extensive experience in representing California families who have suffered losses in wildfires, like Camp Fire and Woolsey.

Our firms represent homeowners, individuals, commercial property owners, business owners, shopping malls, industrial properties, churches, and hospitals when insurance companies unreasonably deny or shorten their claim. Our firm further handles wrongful death, catastrophic personal injuries caused by the fires.

Over the past decade, The Singleton Firm has represented thousands of individuals in major fires all over the state of California. They have recovered over $650 million for its clients in fire cases alone. Lead attorney Gerald Singleton has served on Executive Committees in some of the largest fires in modern history. The current focus of affairs focuses on the catastrophic fires started by PG&E and Edison.


Fire Claim Lawyer